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S&P Target Date Scorecard Take a closer look at which TDFs hit the mark.
BY Hamish Preston

• The S&P Target Date® Scorecard provides performance comparisons, equal- and asset-weighted category averages, and analytics covering the target date fund (TDF) universe.

• The S&P Target Date Index Series offers representative benchmarks for TDFs. The series distinguishes itself from peer group benchmarks because it is investable, comprises consensus-derived asset allocation weights, and its composition is known in advance of evaluation periods.

• The S&P Target Date Through benchmarks represent the “Through” glide path category, while the S&P Target Date To benchmarks represent the “To” category.

• Through TDFs outperformed To TDFs over the three-year horizon. Each S&P Target Date Through Index posted higher returns than its corresponding S&P Target Date To Index by an average of 1.06% across the different vintages.

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