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Real Estate from an Index Perspective Discover the various real estate indices offered by S&P DJI.
BY John Welling


Indices have long played an important part in measuring the real estate market and the array of offerings illustrates the varied needs of market participants. This paper highlights the role of various real estate indices offered by S&P DJI, how they differ from each other, and how they cater to the diverse needs of real estate investors.


Our diverse offerings allow investors to measure the performance of listed real estate companies in a variety of ways.

Dow Jones Select Real Estate Securities

The Dow Jones Select Real Estate Securities Indices (RESI) are cut from the S&P Global BMI and are designed to serve as a proxy for direct real estate investment. These indices measure approximately USD 24.3 billion in passive AUM and exclude companies whose performance may be driven by factors other than the value of real estate.

• Key Attributes: 75% of revenue must be derived from the ownership and operation of real estate; there is a minimum float-adjusted market cap of USD 200 million; mortgage companies and a majority of specialized real estate companies are excluded.

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